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Los Cidrines

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Physical Address:
Los Cidrines
Urb. Industrial Zeno Gandía
Salida Expreso 77A
Carr. 129, Calle A, Lote A-2
Victor Rojas II
Arecibo, PR, 00612

Postal Address:
P.O. Box 140610
Arecibo, P.R. 00614-0610

Telephone Switchboard:
Tel: 787-878-2788 / 1-800-Damepan
Fax: 787-878-5114 / 787-816-6602

San Francisco Store
Ave de Diego #4
Urb. San Francisco
San Juan PR 00921
Tels. 787-758-1005 / 787-758-1099

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